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Dirty Restrooms – Customer Experience

Dirty Restrooms – Customer Experience

What does YOUR Customer Experience? Customer experience is most effectively described as the perception a customer has of your business, service, product or brand. There are many ways to affect the customer experience. From advertising to customer service department personnel to facility maintenance, each interaction or experience a customer has with your business brand will shape their perception of your organization or product(s). What impact does visiting a restroom have on customer experience?

Restroom Problems

Though common, the following list of problems in restrooms will negatively impact the customer experience.


Restrooms reflect the quality of service provided throughout your business. Cleanlink Magazine revealed that 89% of people consider a restroom dirty if it smells bad. Many of these odors are hidden. What signs help determine areas of concern to prevent restroom odors in your facility? The buildup of uric acid and proteins will cause odors. Click here to learn more.

-Dirty Surfaces

The best way to keep restroom grout clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Applying a sealer (impregnating, barrier, etc.) will help the grout repel soils and odors which will make cleaning easier. Regular dust mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming will help to keep dry soil from abrading and scratching the surface and/or sealer. Regular wet mopping with microfiber will help keep dirt, grease, body oils, and soap scum from penetrating and becoming trapped in the grout.

-No Soap or Paper Products

A common cause of empty hand soap dispensers occurs when the facility staff is faced with the following conundrum – “Do I change the soap cartridge now and possibly waste the rest of the soap in the cartridge, or do I gamble and hope it lasts until tomorrow?”Purchase them inexpensively here.

It is challenging to consistently deliver a quality restroom experience to the guest, and yet it is vital to the customer experience. Consider the following:

-Harris interactive

-Consumer Reports


People expect a clean restroom in a public facility. The smell should be neutral. Floors, counters, toilets, and urinals should be sanitary and dry. Toilet paper and hand towels should always be accessible. A neutral experience is an acceptable experience. A positive experience is an exceptional experience! The customer experience is all-important.  Organizations focus marketing efforts and hire entire departments of staff to create the customer experience envisioned for the brand.  Yet, there are other factors that can influence the customer experience. Your brand IS impacted by the condition of your restrooms.  Ensure guests receive the desired customer experience when visiting the restroom.


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