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About S&L Cleaning

In service industries, like Janitorial, it is the individuals that define the difference between a great company and an average one. We at S&L Cleaning Services provide you quality people, products and performance. By being dedicated to training, supporting, and retaining employees, we can provide superior quality and staff needed to safeguard your…

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Dirty Restrooms – Customer Experience

What does YOUR Customer Experience? Customer experience is most effectively described as the perception a customer has of your business, service, product or brand. There are many ways to affect the customer experience. From advertising to customer service department personnel to facility maintenance, each interaction or experience a customer has with your business brand will shape their perception of your organization or product(s). What impact does visiting a restroom have on customer experience? Restroom Problems Though common, the following list of...

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Benefits Of Working With Us


S&L Cleaning strives in safety & health for our staff, clients, your facility and our environment. Our products are Green Seal certified & CRI Gold Seal for indoor air quality.

Quality Guarantee

Quality defines our people, brand & most importantly the services you deserve. We are committed, trained & certified.

Affordable Price

Low over head costs keep S&L Cleaning competitively priced while adding value and maintaining high standards with estimated up front pricing for every budget.


We rely on industry leading software to schedule, track & manage our staff & services efficiently.



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